Causes of Insomnia Disorder

While insomnia is a condition that affects many people, the cause of insomnia is not obvious. It becomes noticeable only when it become more problematic as people start experiencing severe stressful nights.

The first step is to understand the cause of insomnia. Some people think it is the because of a chemical imbalance in the brain or from environmental pressures or stress.

However, you should first check your personal environments including relationships, family, marriages, siblings, friends as they can be the main sources of insomnia and sleeping disorders.

Relationships and Peer Pressure

Insomnia may be caused due to stress from personal relationships and if it is due to this, you might need to seek the help of counselling to resolve issues with the concerned loved ones.It may not require any medical treatment, drugs and longer interventions. You may jut have to share your worries, thoughts and concerns through open communication and receive feedback. Even if your concerned people are not willing to attend the counselling sessions with you, you can at least learn about the things that’s bothering you and find ways to deal with it without stressing yourself in future situations.


Sometimes the actual cause of insomnia may be a simple thing, Stress.. Stress can be real or imaginary. Some stress can be due to over thinking of situations more than necessary while in some cases, it can be immediate situations in real life.If you feel simply stressed from what you hear or experience, then pay attention.


Inactivity can be a major cause of insomnia and not able to fall asleep quickly after hitting the bed. The less active you are, the more difficult you will feel to fall asleep. You may be sitting idle for longer hours or avoid social situations or other activities that make you inactive and lead to insomnia.


Anxiety can also be an important factor that can lead to insomnia. If you are feeling anxious and lay wide wake in bed over thinking, then you may find it difficult to fall asleep.

Improper Schedules

Having irregular work schedules can make your body difficult to adjust to a sleeping pattern. Sleeping and being awake at different times can imbalance your internal clock, leading to insomnia. Your body may stay active in the night and become tired in the morning which can alter your sleep-wake cycle. In such cases, try to sleep early, so that your body will get a minimum of 7-8 hours of complete rest. In this way, it will be easy to revive your internal clock to normal schedules and overcome insomnia.

Are you getting enough sleep?

Sometimes, insomnia stems from fatigue and tiredness as your body find it difficult to function properly due to loss of energy, boredom and lack of activity. Try sleeping for an extra hour everyday to feel replenished. This will keep you active during the day and make you less stressful in the night. If these do not work out, take a detailed look into your situations to determine the exact cause of insomnia.


Find Your Answers

Finding the exact cause of your insomnia may need a keen observation as it varies from person to person. It eventually depends on the type of triggers people experience to corner out the accurate reason. Following natural remedies, supplements, counseling and lifestyle changes can make a difference to your sleeping disorders. If you are still trying to find a solution for insomnia, then seek professional help from sleep specialists to find a better relief.

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