Dos and Donts about consuming Ambien

As you must have heard of this medication called Ambien, it is the brand name of the generic drug called Zolpidem. Ambien is usually associated with sedative effects, where the GABA receptors in the brain are activated to suppress the brain nerves and CNS, for effective sleep and relaxation in users. The chemical composition of Ambien is very different from the benzodiazepines and hence, it comes under the group called sedative-hypnotics.


  • Ambien is a prescription medication that usually gets recommended by doctors for conditions like insomnia. The medication is preferred only for short term treatment purposes and it could be effective if it is used as per the doctor’s prescription.
  • Ambien is available in the form of immediate and extended release pills based on its formulation. These two kinds of pills can be purchased by customers both at offline shops and online Ambien dispensaries.
  • This medication is mostly used for two main purposes. It can help people sleep and also keeps them asleep without any sleep disturbances and deviations.
  • The generic form of Ambien is available in the market now.

Tips to use Ambien carefully

  • Please consult a doctor for your condition before you go about using Ambien medication.
  • It is always better to give information on the other drugs that you have been using already to your doctor.
  • It is always good to consume Ambien without food, for it might display effectiveness under that regard.
  • The ambien medication must be taken just before sleep and not when there is much time before bed time.
  • Make sure that you use Ambien when you have enough time to get some rest before getting up in the morning.
  • Avoiding alcohol while you consume Ambien can be better and result in a fewer complications.
  • The medication should not be chewed, crushed or cut into two halves during consumption.
  • Indulging yourself in some hazardous tasks with Ambien can be dangerous.
  • Inform your doctor if Ambien is not working for you with sleep.
  • Using Ambien for a long time can lead to side effects and let your doctor know in case of any such grievances.
  • Also, keep Ambien out of reach from children as the medication’s safety parameters with children have not been established.


  • Ambien can cause side effects like drowsiness and dizziness that might linger for some point of time and then gradually fade away. It is common to face headaches when you start using Ambien.
  • As it has been endorsed as a sleeping aid, using machines and hazardous activities can lead to serious issues.
  • Please do not use Ambien with other medication or drugs that tend to impart sedative properties on users.
  • People who suffer from kidney, liver and respiratory issues must consult a doctor before using Ambien in order to regulate the dosage.
  • Pregnant women and women who breastfeed must avoid Ambien as much as possible.
  • Users with a string of drug and alcohol abuse must not use Ambien as it could create an habit.

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