Insomnia Disorder Symptoms and You

Insomnia Disorder Symptoms and You


Are you experiencing difficulty in sleeping? You want to have a good night’s sleep but as soon as you hit the bed, your eyelids fail to shut and you stay awake in bed with your thoughts circling around repeatedly in your mind. You may try dozing off for a while and as soon as you hear a small noise, you jump awake startled. What’s happening with you? You, my friend, may be suffering from symptoms of insomnia.

Symptoms May Develop Slowly

Symptoms of insomnia arise in the early stages of your life depending upon your levels of stress. If you are having a pleasant day, then you may find it easy to sleep at night with or without facing any mild symptoms. If you have a stressful day, then you may find it difficult to fall asleep due to severe insomnia. A person experiencing symptoms of insomnia may be able to function normally in the day and perform the activities unless the sleeping disorders accelerate. Once he feels stressful to sleep, waking up early and doing a single task can be daunting and overwhelming.

Symptoms May Vary

You may think that you’re not experiencing symptoms of insomnia instead of suffering from any other illness because its symptoms do vary. The symptoms may range from fatigue, wakefulness to drowsiness. You will have trouble falling asleep, feel irritated and stressful. You will toss and turn, check the room temperature and change your sleeping positions. You don’t even need people to wake you up because you are already awake the whole night. To ensure that you have insomnia, consult a doctor and explain clearly about all the symptoms you are experiencing, even write it down to make it clear.

Also, write the symptoms which you do NOT have into a list. The doctor may do a simple test to rule out the other causes and possibilities. If your doctor finds out that you are experiencing insomnia, he will recommend a sleep specialist to confirm that you have insomnia.

‘Maybe I’m Crazy or Wild’

Just because your doctor recommended you to visit a sleep specialist doesn’t mean that you are crazy or wild and need immediate help.

Look for a therapist who can help you change your sleeping patterns. The great thing about insomnia is that you can understand your behaviors clearly and change your mind about the generalizations you make about this disorder.Look at the ways you are experiencing sleeping troubles differently than always finding the commonly associated ones.It will be best to know who, where, what how and when you are experiencing sleeping troubles. It can help you know the underlying issue clearly and then learn how to change the situations.

You can learn to overcome wakefulness, stress and frequent awakening in the middle of the night which you were not able to control before. You can try breathing exercises to relax your mind to fall asleep peacefully in the night.It may not seem simple at first, but the more you try to calm your senses, the better you can sleep. People may find that insomnia is not a big thing, but for a sufferer, it may be harder to control the symptoms. But once you realize that, you are in the process of learning to deal with the symptoms and trying your best to overcome it, you will feel easy to take the next step.


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