Insomnia is one of the common sleep disorder which can happen to anybody. Sometimes it affects independently and in other cases, it comes as an additional problem along with stress, anxiety, depression and other problems which can cause serious damage to our life. However, today technology is much grown up and in the medical field, numerous treatment methods and medications are invented. Thanks for the researches and technology. Now we have a cure for insomnia and other kinds of sleep problems too, In today’s article, we are going to see about Ambien, one of the most effective and famous sleep disorder drug in the world.

Familiarly addressed under the generic name Zolpidem, Ambien is a highly effective drug which can work quickly after consumption. I will narrate everything about Ambien here. The exact working of Ambien and its mechanism is not clear. After consumption, this drug induces the sleep factors in the brain, which results in the appearance of willing to sleep in patients. Compared to other drugs used for sleep disorders, Ambien is quicker and effective. Due to its addictive nature, the FDA placed it as Schedule IV substance under the CSA in our country. Ambien will help to relieve insomnia, anxiety and proven as a sleep inducer. It should be bought only with a licensed medical practitioner’s prescription. Usage of Ambien is only suggested for a short time and it is not advisable for repeating and long term usage. It has varying side effects and can affect in unexpected ways if you are already using some other medication.

There are some generic versions for this drug but all of them are primarily used in the treatment of insomnia. It has been written as prescription medicine along with treatment of cognitive behavior and deep sleep therapy. It is helpful in relaxing your mind eventually results in relaxation of body muscles and makes the person end up in sleep. Long term usage and overdose, self-experiments must be avoided in all cases. Like any other drugs, this Ambien also has some side effects. Reported side effects include Chest pain, hallucinations, the sudden increase in heartbeat, throat illness and digestive issues. It is essential to consult a doctor if you cannot tolerate them. Alcohol use should be avoided while using this dosage. Because of its excellent sleep properties, this drug can be misused and it will end up in addiction.  The rate of sedation and sleep is high which could be overcome by allowing intake of smaller dosage levels. Due to the tolerance effect, there could be changes in your body while you withdraw. Hence consulting a doctor and follow up are important for the treatment of insomnia.  As I said before senior citizen and kids are sensitive so safety measures should be taken. It is better to inform your workplace if you are following this medication. Also, contact your medical insurance provider to know about claims for this drug. Though Ambien is sometimes written for sleep apnea, snoring, anxiety the main focus is on insomnia. Consult your doctor and use Ambien in a safe manner.