Terms and Conditions

All the products listed in the ambien-shop.com website are sold as per the local laws that define the lawful sales process. Before the purchase of the products or availing the service of our website, do make sure you have gained sufficient information regarding the features of the products published on the website, our privacy policy, disclaimer etc. There can be any modification to these kind of information furnished on the website with no notice. Hence, it becomes important to keep checking on the updates in the website regularly and your continued usage will reflect the acceptance of the changes done in the website.

Ownership of rights

You will be liable to face the legal consequences if you indulge in any kind of unethical practices such copying,  sharing or use of the information furnished in the website for any purpose other than personal use. Proper permissions have to be acquired from  ambien-shop.com before the use of the content from the website for any kind of non-commercial usage. All the data, the content, links and texts in the website holds is copyrighted and subject to various intellectual laws.

Our website content has been embedded with links that are external or affiliated ones and their copyrights are owned by their respective owners. Also, there are third parties who have the copyright for certain medical information published in the website. It must be clearly understood that any attempt to change, share, issue, trade, copy, or exploit the content of the website will be dealt with very seriously as an offense and necessary legal actions will be taken on them.

Accuracy of Information

There have been considerate efforts taken to make sure the content in the website, ambien-shop.com is accurate and precise. With care, the prices for the products are curated rightly along with the related product information as per the reviews submitted. Considerate work has been done in ensuring that the image of the product is of original composition.

General Terms of Use

When you click the “I agree” checkbox in our webpage, it implies your acceptance to use the information rendered in the website ethically and to abide by the terms and conditions set by the website. The user can have access to make use of the published information in a proper manner and any indulgence of unethical practices will result in legal punishments. We are not responsible for any threat that occurs via the mails sent by ambien-shop.com , which was sent as per the request of the user. Use of the website in an unprotected way will pave way to many issues such as high possibility of interception and interim quarrel over the interaction. On such incidences, the website is not responsible to the problems that arise in the website. The notions or recommendations published by the user are open for ambien-shop.com’s usage, being its nature, non-proprietary. You are not allowed to send or publish information from the website as it is a criminal offense, if done.

Third Party Endorsement

We, ambien-shop.com do not engage in the publication of any information that is owned by any third party nor does endorse such third party owned products in our website in any means.

Prescription Mandatory

At ambien-shop.com, it is mandatory to produce a prescription from a legitimate and licensed physician for acquiring the eligibility to buy the medicine from us.

The scope of the Agreement

All the terms and conditions put forward in this webpage will apply as a contract, well understood and accepted between the user and the ambien-shop.com. The terms are bound to be several. Over time, many of the terms mentioned may become void due to change of laws, and thus no will be no effect for the factors that are applied to other terms and conditions in the lawfulness of such terms that are emphasized in the contract.