The Causes of Insomnia

A whole lot of discussions have been spilled over understanding what exactly causes insomnia and what are the effective means to cope up with it. The majority of people consider it as just another health problem that has to be cured using pills, but on the other hand there are many who convey that it is result of our suppressed emotions deep inside a person’s mind. Experts who have been studying various cases suffering different types and intensity of insomnia, opinions that above said reasons are not correct. Whereas, they put forward the fact that the root cause of insomnia is accumulated stress, anxiety and depression in a person due to lifestyle problems, work or relational problems.

Insomnia, suppressed emotion & accumulated stress

The accumulates stress and emotions are definitely not good to hold within too much for it may further get complicated but at the same time an outpour of it is also not a very effective solution for insomnia.  You might know many who are treated for such repressed emotions and stress, but might not been suffering from insomnia. It is very apt to consult with an expert, who allows the person to understand his condition that he has been holding a lot so such suppressed feelings in him, and thus help him make his life better.

When you take up the individuals suffering from insomnia, they mostly emerge to be those who are keen on pleasing the other people and fear confronting a debate. Whereas, these approaches create a realistic major variation in ending Insomnia. Once the period of insomnia has begun, definite valuable methods have to be engaged to end it. Changing in to more confident and not anymore bothered to please others, would be a great progress in your recovery process, but it doesn’t take the patient to the final stage of curing. The cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a speaking therapy known for the getting success during clinical trials. Currently the priority is regarding the existing period and the patients are taught to deal with insomnia in a practical way. The conditionusing CBT is that the outcomes are mostlydepended on on how worthy the individual is guided by the therapist.

Insomnia and Chemical Imbalance

for a long period of time, psychological specialists pointed to the expression “chemical imbalance “ to validate the requirement for medications to treat psychological condition problems such as lack of sleep and stress. That commonvalidationindicates that sleeplessness is a health issue capable of curing with certain drugs.The “chemical imbalance” explanation alsoestablishes the commontheory of treatment- recognizing that neurotransmitters turn up to mind and, withmedication, attempting to offer in return the neurotransmitter degree back to the “regular” spectrum. The major two varieties of drugs commonly suggested for insomnia are sleeping pills and anti-depressants. Like any other medicine used for physical problems, Insomnia medicine is proposed to be used till the problem completely cures.

Actually the chemical imbalance method is just a theory and not real. There are no scientific researches proving chemical imbalances inside the human brain. There is a whole lot of things yet to be known about the human brain, and thus needs more extensive examination regarding this and only then these kind of claims about the insomnia can be claimed. Regardless of need for proof, majority of people in western world, have deep rooted misconception that insomnia is a result of chemical imbalance.

This scenario is not so good. For instance just consider a policeman who is affected by stress. He is equipped to handle situations that a policeman has to confront with no stress in any means. But when he is caught up in an unfamiliar situation, he gets stressed out and could not sleep well because of it.

Is it the chemicals in his mind that’s causing this stress?

Absolutely not, it is the behavioral reaction in response to the situation. This happens with many who easily get stressed out, they over think about certain situations getting worsened and this is seen in variety of physical and mental conditions.


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