Privacy Policy

The privacy policy determination

We, has a carefully weaved its privacy policy, that governs the data, both personal and customer experience retrieved from the customer. Details such as name, address, email id, telephone number etc. are collected under personal details. It is very clearly stated that, do not regulate the companies that we not associated with nor the employees who do not work here. Furthermore, those companies which we, own or link with have their own set of privacy policies.

Retrieval and usage of Data

Only when you register with us, to avail our products and services, we engage in pooling as well as storage of your personal data. Information regarding your visits to our affiliated websites will also be collected by us. During the time of registration, you are required to render certain information such as name, address, email ID, date of birth, gender, postal code, and your occupation (Optional), interests etc., as a testimony of your content for the website. Having registered with us, you hold the privilege of a member and thus need not visit our website as an anonymous.

Our main purpose of interacting with the customers at is for bringing in improvisation and building up the services and products we offer to our audience. The retrieved information is utilized by for taking strategic decisions such as

  1. Modifying the website content to match the audience preferences, and which will stimulate the overall customer satisfaction in using the services and products at
  2. Outsource efficient services from trustworthy affiliations, to work for us,, in gathering, storing and processing the data to render better services to full fill your requirements.
  3. To understand if you are willing to get notifications regarding new launches of products and services at, and take assistance in estimating the stocks which uses questionnaires between  business partners.


Cookies are basically message files that the webserver transfers to your web browser when you access an internet website. The information is stored as a small file in the hard disk. It helps to track the user’s website activity and acts as an identification card as you visit various sites. We make use of cookies to retrieve information on your preferences and requirements, by analyzing the websites you visit the most and pages which keep you more engaged. We try to render those engaging factors that will attract more traffic and communication in our website. All together, we will be able to offer an improved efficiency in terms of performance and satisfaction.

We use Cookies for:

  1. Have a detailed insight in to customer preferences and needs by examining your website visits.
  2. To build advertising strategies for

There are options of disable of get notified about the cookies in your browser. Each time a cookie is created, you can set the browser to notify you. Also, you can stop the creation of such cookies in your browser by choosing the disable option. But, it must also be understood that disabling the cookie system may hinder the efficiency of certain working of the website and can end up corrupting the operations.

Exclusion of Liability

Despite the fact that the website is owned by there is no liability from the side of the organization in ensuring the safety and privacy over the user data pages and links. There are absolutely no commitments given to third parties for the presence of any such links and their materials.

Changes to this Privacy Policy has complete authority over each word published in this website and has the right to modify the content any time for ensuring the relevance of the content. Kindly, go through our privacy policy to clearly understand the working. Any updates done, will be notified in the website.